Monday, 30 July 2012

Jism 2 (2012) Movie Preview

Jism 2 is not an unfortunately named sequel to Jism film rather, it is about a girl who sis hired by intelligence officer to become a Horny-trap for a dreaded assassin. The main character if the jism 2 film are Sunny Leone ,Randeep Hooda and and Arunoday Singh. Just a guess the movie would do a magic at the box office.

Jism 2 Trailer

The scoop
Pooja Bhatt is adapting the series for the screen. The filmmaker roped adult movie star Sunny Leone for erotics thriller Jism 2. The project is all set up to release in August , although with the Sunny involved in the film, meaning a lot to the sequel for this potential new Jism movie.

Who's if for?
I guess it for adult only, so kids are out of business just Kidding

Movie Release Date
The Jism 2 is looking for a 3 August 2012 release date

Who's in it?
Sunny Leone
Randeep Hooda

Interesting Facts
Continuing the sequel the film cantainthe sexy scenes, this is the first time ever an porn star have played an lead in Bollywood film.

What's Good About It?
I like the songs and the story as these are picturise wery well in the movie and the direction should be top norch.

What's Bad About It?
I want to see a amazing trailer before i get much excited. It could end up for closed to some failure film.

Our clever prediction
If it gets made, which I think it will, it could be hige. One problem would be that all the other attempts to recreate the magic of jism 2003 have failed. 'JISM 2', a goof forecast. Still Lets hope Sunny Will spread her magic to glued the audience..